Why Curtains Are The Better Half?

Window blinds have earned its status as a popular home decor. It has gained popularity over the years and is considered a modern window accessory. Then how come curtains still reign supreme? There are several reasons why majority of homeowners prefer this traditional window fabric.

A very big advantage of curtains over blinds is maintenance: the latter is considerably harder to maintain. It can get difficult to clean blinds because you have to wipe down each slat to remove dust and debris – a tedious process. In contrast, maintaining curtains is relatively easy because you could just send it out for dry cleaning or throw it in the washing machine for a quick wash.

The price is also a factor to consider. Curtains are relatively cheaper especially compared to custom made blinds. Installing curtains is also a breeze in contrast to hanging blinds.

For the ultimate in economy, you could even create your own curtains to save more on costs. All you need is a little patience and creativity because curtains involve only straight stitches on a sewing machine. Even without a sewing machine, you can still create great curtains; a beautiful no-sew curtain is possible with the use of basting tape ironed on the fabric to create the seams. You can turn your home curtains into a simple DIY project to do in your spare time.

Blinds are modern and trendy. Definitely in for the movers and shakers of the home design world. Sadly though, the colors for window blinds are limited as opposed to the wide variety available for curtains. The designs of curtains are also at an advantage, and if you mix one or two (or more) colors and designs, you’ll have unique curtains to show off.

An important note – in using more than one color and design, ensure that they go well together. Don’t just throw in every color you see. The curtains must still blend well with the rest of the room.

With these reasons, it’s no surprise why curtains are favored over blinds. Whether you buy your curtains brand new, no-sew or a DIY, you’re sure to get the benefits of owning this window treatment.