Wall Mirror Decor

Large wall mirrors are decorative items suiting every budget and style. Wall mirrors are versatile as they could be mounted at any level for practical viewing or for a purely decorative impact.

Some of the unique modern and artistic pieces feature sheet metal, and hand embossed over convex wooden squares. The frame is finished in a combination of brown, green, antique gold and even mahogany for a sophisticated look. They come at reasonable prices.

The traditional rectangular large wall mirrors enhance the classic interiors of any room. The thick beveling creates an added sparkle. Some of the large wall mirrors consisting of the rectangular frame-less bevel wall mirrors have decorative tilt mounting brackets. These mostly adorn the bathrooms.

The round and oval wall mirrors are also extremely popular and come in an assortment of styles. The wall mounted mirrors are available in exquisite design, finish and storage features that make such mounted wall mirrors truly unique. The coordinating mirror is designed to hang vertically or horizontally. The antique rope, pivoting mounted wall mirror is a classic piece that has maintained its place in luxurious bathroom for years.

These wall mounted mirrors blend fine details with classic lines and works perfectly with today’s or yesteryear’s bathroom layout designs. The concealed installation hides all mounting hardware for a clean appearance. They are also easy to install. The wall mounted pivotal mirrors reflect its attention on the desire for a luxurious bath. Such wall mounted mirrors are perfect for the modern classic bathrooms. These are so versatile in design that they easily blend very well with even the most modern of the bathrooms.

A decorative wall mirror reflects light and adds dimension to any room. Such mirrors come in a variety of styles and designs ranging from round, oval and rectangular shapes, etc., belonging to the traditional, contemporary or Victorian styles. The decorative wall mirror can add depth to a room when grouped with other pieces or simply become a focal point above a sofa, over a dresser or in an office, home or guest room. The craftsmanship is remarkable in wood, metal and exotic framing components.

Some of the decorative wall mirror measures 38 inches x 31 inches with a tropical mahogany frame which glows with lustrous Espresso finish. It is lovely on its own or in combination with other pieces. Every decorative mirror turns empty wall space into a reflection of home owner’s good taste and style. In addition, the solid wood frames are corner blocked ensuring stability thus adding sturdiness to such mirrors. The large wall mirrors are a collector’s item and a lovely transitional piece when placed strategically to highlight the room décor.