Room Painting Ideas For Your Home

Painting a room is one of the best ways to give it a new look. It is not very expensive. It will not take a lot of time. There are a few things to remember when undertaking the task. Here are some room painting ideas that you may wish to consider.


Are you getting ready to sell your house? If so, do not consider what you want. Think about neutral colors. White is neutral and can make a room appear larger. If you plan to stay, think about your entire room decor. Bedrooms should have soft colors, to allow sleep. Go to the paint department of most stores. They can mix you just the right color.


You may need to prep your walls before painting. Are they sheet-rock walls? You may not need much preparation. However, some colors may need to be sealed before going over. If you wish to paint white walls over red, you may get some bleeding. You can use sealer or you might be able to use several coats of paint. Sealer would probably be best. Don’t forget to check for nail holes or any other blemishes. Small holes are relatively easy to fill. In some cases, you can use toothpaste.

You will also need to figure out how much paint you will need. One gallon will usually cover about 400 square feet. However, it is best to check the product you intend to use. It should have directions on the can.

Latex or oil paint

Modern latex paint is very good for most areas. It cleans up easy and does not present any problems. Paint fumes will not linger long. Some latex paints are made to resist wear and stains. However it can take weeks for some latex paint to properly cure. During that time, staining is possible. Oil based paints are very durable. They tend to be stain resistant also. Oil paint dries slowly. It may take up to two days for it to completely dry. During that time, it can be smeared easily if touched. It will also put off strong odors while it is drying. If you spill a little paint, it will be hard to remove.

If you previously painted your walls, you know what type of paint was used. However, there may be problems if using latex paint over oil paint. It could be worse when painting oil over latex. If unsure of the surface, remove some of the paint. Is it flexible? Is so, it is probably latex. If not, it is most likely, oil. Stick with the same type of paint it would be best. If not, make sure that you sand and seal the surface. You do not want all of your efforts to go to waste.


Are you looking for room painting ideas? There are many things to consider when painting a room. Preparation is one of the most important things that you can do. Decide on the type of paint that you wish to use. Consider the type of paint that is already on the wall. The process will not take long. You can have a new looking room before you know it.