Romantic Bedroom Decor

The idea of decorating romantic bedroom where the main focus is the bed aims to develop a romantic and cozy atmosphere. Luxurious sheets, down comforters, soft pillows with comfortable mattresses create the perfect ambience for a soothing sleep.

Lighting is soft and subtle as bright lights clash with room ambience. Lower wattage bulbs in soft pink hues enhance the romantic appeal. For a special evening, the warm glow of candles lightens the subtle atmosphere. Gentle wiping the light bulbs with a thin coat of perfumed oil creates romanticism. In addition, sprinkling powder on the sheets makes them fragrant and silky while scattering scented sachet of lavender and rosemary add to the air of romance.

Soft music highlights the romantic bedroom theme while champagne and champagne glasses create a romantic overtone in the bedroom. White bedroom decorating theme is always refreshing and beautiful. White always works in any decorating style as it is versatile and adds space to the room. In contemporary Western culture white is a symbol of purity. It is a backdrop against which any color is free to play and reflect. White is soothing and relaxing.

A Victorian style bedroom has an antique and typical feminine theme. The Victorian bedroom ideas center on Victorian beds which is either showy or a combination of caste iron and brass. The bed is elaborately dressed with canopies and drapes, numerous pillows, flounces, ribbons and trims. A marble top table or cabinet in the bedroom along with subtle lighting, candle stick holders, porcelain or crystal light holders authenticates the Victorian element.

Romantic bedroom ideas center on Victorian, French and Yellow bedroom themes. Although these romantic themes differ slightly but when it comes to colors and furniture designs the general trend is to create a cozy and soothing ambience. Great romantic bedroom ideas combine white with light shades of yellow to develop the ideal surrounding. The yellow bedroom ideas is much sought after as the walls, curtains and rugs complement the room since the shade brings in warmth and energy in romance.

French bedroom ideas are the perfect choice for a romantic bedroom design. French inspired designs have a rich and luxurious feel like French brocade, curtains and rugs. Colors which are incorporated into the bedroom theme consist of warm and pastel shades such as light brown, green and gold. But these colors should have a faded and antique look. Bedroom warm colors paint like peach, pink and burgundy are also chosen for a French romantic ambience. Thus decorating romantic bedroom is inspirational and creative.