Paintable Wall Paper

The paintable wall paper adds warmth to one’s home and comes in a wide range of designs as well as attractive colors. They can be scrubbed or peeled after the paper loses its gloss. They perk up the dowdy paneled wall and are painted in various colors to add vibrancy to any room.

For a multi-toned effect, additional highlight colors are painted on wall papers while re-designing the room walls. Paintable wall paper can be installed on almost every surface including cracked walls, stucco and on wall paneling. The wall papers are available in either textured or embossed form.

Prior to applying a fresh wall paper cover up, it is advisable to fill grooves in the paneling with chalk. Coating the walls with acrylic emulsion creates a rough surface which helps the liner to stick. The wall paper gives a smooth appearance to the wall and the wall paper liner plays a vital role in creating this effect.

The pre-pasted paintable wall paper is hung vertically over the liner according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. When the paper dries up completely, it is painted with latex paint. The wall paper and border is equally important in transforming an ordinary room into a decorative accent for any room. Care has to be taken when painting the wall paper so as to ensure consistency. For standard wall paper, it is necessary to measure the width of each wall of the room.

In interior wall paper it is necessary to select paint colors that coordinate with the room décor. They also act as a decorative room furnishing. To achieve a finished look in the room, the edges should be trimmed and tucked in tightly.
The bathroom wall paper highlights the bathroom accessories and is usually light textured that is available in a single color. At times such wall papers are also left unpainted. However, before its installation it is necessary to inspect the wall paper by using a dry wall knife to cut away any curled up, loose edges, especially at the top and bottom edges where the wall paper meets the base board crown molding.

Once the patch work is completed, a damp sponge is applied to wipe away access joint compound from the areas surrounding the patches. This is followed by applying a number of coats to cover the white primer. Using such techniques truly makes the bathroom wall appear glossy and trendy. Paintable wall paper gives the magical facelift to one’s abode, office or commercial establishment with their appealing range of textures and designs.