Interior Design Of The House With Beaded Lamp Shades

Different styles of glass lamp shades can be seen in homes of decor-conscious residents around the country. Glass shades are famous for their practical use as light in addition to their beauty that is amplified by the central light source. They are important “anchor pieces”, which are elements of decor that carry so much weight that they can be central pieces around which other decorative elements are added. For example, furniture sets or distinctive old antique cabinets can serve as anchor pieces.

Glass lamp shades with beads (or beaded lamp shades) are one special type of shade that is studded with beads or perhaps decorated with dangling beads on the shade rim. They can be attached into place with cement. On the rim they are hung with chains, thread, or wire. If the beads are made of glass, they complement well the translucent properties of the glass shade itself.

One of the problems is that beaded lamp shades can suffer from beads that fall out of place. There are several ways of fixing this. One is to bring it to a professional restorer who can find substitute materials to replace the lost beads. The other is to do it yourself with the help of hobbyist manuals. Fortunately, crafts stores carry an ample supply of bead materials for self-repair. Beads can be combined with other kinds of glass lamp shades to create a distinctive piece. We discuss a few of the possible shades here.

One kind of shade that is rarely found with beads is the Tiffany lamp shade. The style of glass lamp shades that has come to be known as Tiffany shares its name with the luxury jewelry store that is famed all over the world. The designer, Louis Comfort Tiffany, lived in the early 1900s, forging novel art and contributing to the area of home decor.

Another shade rarely with beads are torchieres. Torchiere shades are the ubiquitous standing lamps found in homes. They are versatile as they can be moved to different locations as need be in the house. The tall lamp projects light upward, casting a soft glow on everything. There are a number of shade shapes for torchieres, but perhaps one of the most popular is the cone lamp shade.

A number of other beaded lamp shades are available in many shapes and sizes. The designs are given descriptive names, such as hurricane glass shades and gas lamp shades. The hurricane design has a distinctive profile, taller than wide, reminiscent of a vase. It meshes well with vaulted ceilings that can accommodate the high, slender profile of the hurricane. One other fascinating shade is the historical Victorian shade that was installed in many homes during Victorian England. The period saw the rise of gas lighting and therefore a increase in usage and production.