How To Go About Replacing Bathroom Mirror Cabinets?

Bathroom mirror cabinets are kinds of shelving fixtures that provide both aesthetics and extra storage. Hung above the sink, the pieces have a little to medium sized vanity mirror that unhinges to show a set of shelves. The additional space is perfect for storing toothbrushes, contact lens solution, mouthwash, and other useful items. If your home or apartment currently does not have a usable medicine cabinet, measures can be taken to switch it with a better one.

You will have to first ensure that the proper safety precautions are taken before you can start on a project this size. Protective rubber goggles will help prevent any broken glass or splintering wood from damaging one of your eyes. Sturdy thick gloves will protect you from cuts and wood splinters. You will need to procure some plastic sheets, as well, to protect the floor and walls of your bathroom.

With a screwdriver or power drill, unscrew the existing mirror from the wall. To avoid accidentally dropping the fixture, make sure a fair amount of pressure is applied to it during the process. After you remove it, lay the piece down carefully on a flat surface.

If the fixture has any salvageable pieces, now is the time to decide whether or not you want to keep them. It’s also the time to decide if you want the paint the wall behind it.

Once the medicine cabinet is removed from the wall, you can prepare the area it took up to receive a new one. If your cabinet was held up by glue you can use a hairdryer to melt the remainder of it. Then, smooth the space with a few strips of sandpaper.

Apply some new glue to the back of the cabinet, when the areas ready, and adhere the item above your sink. Have a strong family member or friend help hod up the fixture while both of you apply some pressure. Alternatively, you can situate it up on the wall with some brackets or nails.

If a better cabinet can not be found, you can always think about fixing your older one. On a sturdy surface, sand down the fixture and make it look new with a good coat of paint. The inside shelves can be fixed and the item’s mirror, if it is cracked or damaged, can be taken off and replaced with a fresh one. After the paint dries, it can be put up on the room’s wall.