Exterior House Color

Selecting an exterior house color is an important job that should be done carefully to ensure years of great looking exteriors. Besides this, not only is house painting an expensive affair, it is also something you cannot handle doing too regularly simply because of the hassles involved. Therefore here we have combined a list of some of the most important tips that can help you select well.

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  • Firstly, you need to be completely sure of the fact that the paint quality is good enough to guard your walls and can stay put even in the harshest whether conditions. Generally most exterior house color these days are water resistant, do not fade in sunlight and can take the pressure of excessive cold too. So select only what is most appropriate for your walls.
  • The next thing you need to take care of while selecting exterior paint color is that it is never too preferable to opt for a shade that happens to be way too many shades lighter than your present wall color. For instance, say your present wall color is dark blue. Now if you need to repaint this wall, do not go for colors like white or cream. Shades of green or purple would be more recommended for better results.
  • If you are extremely particular about the appearance of your exteriors, and hate to see traces of paint chipped off from the sides then a good idea would be to buy a few extra paint cans. These paint colors for exterior can be used for touchups later.
  • While buying exterior home colors, also take care of the fact that the right combination of shades is quite important if you want the colors to bring out the charm of your house. If you are not too good with it yourself, ask a salesperson for help. They have the technical knowledge about exterior color schemes and can demonstrate their ideas on the computer to help you make the right exterior paint colors choice.
  • And last but not the least take into consideration the color of the houses in your neighborhood. If, for instance, your street only has white or yellow houses, select such color combination that can make your house stand out. Not only does this kind of exterior house color choice make your family look special, but it also allows your first time visitors to trace you conveniently.

There was an era when brand new house paint would look dull and dirty after a single season of rain and snow. We would wish we could umbrella the house and save the paint. But not anymore. New technology and modern application methods have revolutionized the exterior painting methods. Now with a little thought you can have years of fresh and new looking exterior house paint and not have to get you house painted every few years!