Decorative Bed Pillows

Decorative bed pillows can be one of the least expensive of our master bedroom decorating ideas.  Adding decorative bed pillows is not only pleasing to the eye, but also invites a sense of comfort that you want to find in your master bedroom.

Decorative bed pillows are one of the most versatile decorating tools you can find.  You can purchase them for a wide variety of prices, and can even make  your own in nearly any size, shape or color that you can imagine.

By using decorative bed pillows to complement the rest of your master bedroom decor, you can really make a statement.  Not only that, but you can really personalize your decorative bed pillows so that they are not only a decorative item, but also an item you can call your own.

Even simple white pillows can really enhance your master bedroom decor.  A tip for arrangement of your decorative bed pillows, try to arrange them in odd numbered groups.  Groups of 3, 5, 7 are more pleasing to the eye, and will create balance in your overall decor.

These are simple, nice, comfortable looking white pillows, very simple, yet they add a feeling of tremendous comfort to the room.  With the bed being the focal point of most master bedrooms, creating an inviting and comfortable feeling is key.

You can also use your decorative bed pillows to accent other items in the room.  For example, here you can see the red pillow matching the red vase, while providing excellent contrast with the light colored sheet and dark headboard and bedside table.  This helps to provide a focal point, and ties it together, making it pleasing on the eye.

Bed Pillows

Using pillows of different colors, shapes and sizes is another way to work decorative bed pillows into  your master bedroom design.  In this example, note how there are three different sizes of pillow, and three different colors.  The colors compliment each other, while working well with the headboard.  Keeping your pillows in the same style of your bedroom furniture and other decor is important for continuity, but don’t be afraid to try something a bit more bold!

Decorative Pillows

Hopefully this has sparked some new master bedroom decorating ideas.  Have fun, simply changing out your decorative bed pillows can have a welcome impact on the overall decor of your master bedroom.