Decorating with beach pebbles and other natural items

There many different ways to decorate a home and everyone has their own style. Your choices include color, texture and overall style type. When it comes to decorating you will need to make a decision on just about anything you can think of. More often than not though, people forget about the little stuff. You need to think about the accents and all the details that seem too insignificant to think about. A great way to express yourself is to do new things with everyday items.

All you need to do to get started is to walk out into your backyard or look at the rest of the world around you to see what you could use in a new way. Beach pebbles are a great example. You may not think about using these to decorate a room, but there are lots of places you can use them and they add great texture to a room.

Beach pebbles look fantastic when they are placed in series of clear glass jars that you fill up to different levels. You can also pour the pebbles around the bases of candles to hold the candles still, but also to give your candle display an earthen feel. You shouldn’t expect to pay very much for the pebbles and they should be easy to find at most craft stores and some flower shops.

You can also uses things found in your backyard like various tree trimmings and other trimmings from the different plants you have in your yard. If you are looking for something in the spring then you can take some fresh greenery inside to liven up the coffee table or bookshelf displays. In the fall it is a little different, but you can use dried leaves or even a bare limb can look good if you place it in the right spot.

You may want to consider using pinecones or cranberries to decorate your home in the winter months. While you can’t use these two items forever, particularly the cranberries, they can be used in many different ways. Cranberries for instance, can be used as garland on a Christmas tree if you string them together or you can put them into clear jars and simply set them on a shelf. Pinecones make it even easier because you can decorate the pinecone itself to work with your dcor.